In boring leisure time, it should be a very happy thing to be able to organize a barbecue with family and friends. But there are 6 things to keep in mind when grilling yourself:

1.Vegetables and fruits should not be roasted.
Cabbage, apples… It seems that any vegetables and fruits can be roasted and eaten. But in fact, it is difficult to grasp the time for vegetables to be roasted on a charcoal fire. If it is a little longer, it is easy to burn and more likely to produce carcinogens than meat. Moreover, the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits is largely reflected in the rich vitamins, but they will be destroyed by excessive heating.

2.Finally, don’t drink beer while eating barbecue.
Beer, cool and refreshing, contains a variety of essential amino acids and rich vitamins and is very popular among people. However, some precautions when drinking often fail to attract people’s attention, such as drinking beer while eating barbecue is not appropriate. Smoked food contains organic amines and polycyclic square hydrocarbons, benzopyrenes and amino acid derivatives produced by cooking. When the blood lead level increases due to excessive drinking, the combination of the above substances can induce digestive tract diseases and even tumors.


3.Try not to eat food that is roasted over an open flame.
Iron plate barbecue food has less oily smoke and produces relatively less carcinogens. Relevant studies have pointed out that the production of carcinogens can be greatly reduced by soaking or coating the meat with barbecue sauce before grilling. The starch, sugar, and other ingredients contained in barbecue sauce first absorb heat when heated, which can protect the meat in the middle from being suddenly exposed to high temperatures. To keep the color and condition of the sauce looking good, it doesn’t overheat when grilling, reducing the chance of carcinogens being produced.

4.BBQ sauce is particular.
In terms of sauces, it is best not to brush barbecue sauce while grilling, so as not to eat too much salt and sodium.Nutritionists recommend that meat can be marinated before roasting. If you like the fun of brushing sauce while grilling, you can make your own barbecue sauce or dilute the sauce with water. For seafood such as scallops, it is best to add some garlic to roast without the sauce, and it can also reduce the production of carcinogens.

5.Seafood should be grilled longer.
Charcoal-grilled oysters and scallops are the most popular grilling seafood at present, but the most unsafe part is that they are easy to be undercooked. Seafood contains pathogenic bacteria such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which have strong heat resistance and can only be killed above 80℃, and parasite eggs may also exist. Generally, steamed seafood is the safest. If you want to eat grilled seafood, you should try to grill it longer. It is best to eat with garlic and mustard, which has a bactericidal effect.

6.Use your eyes and fingers to know the doneness.
When roasting meat such as beef and chicken, you can judge the doneness by simply touching it with your fingers. When the touch is still very soft, it is rare; When the touch is very soft and the surface is slightly brown, it is medium rare; When the surface turns brown, it is medium; When the finger presses the surface and feels firm but elastic, it is medium well; When the meat becomes firm, it means it is fully cooked.