Barbecuing is fun, it’s a time to spend quality time with family and friends while enjoying the delicious food fresh from the grill. But the best part is that eating grilled food is actually good for your health! Cooking food on the grill is healthier than cooking food on the oven or stove. Here are the top 5 health benefits of grilled food:

Vegetables preserves more vitamins and minerals.
Vegetables, especially those with low water content, retain more vitamins and minerals when cooked on the grill over fire. Also, when grilling, the vegetables you cook are usually fresh seasonal vegetables, which are better than canned vegetables. Just be sure to wrap the products in foil so they stay moist and don’t burn and dry out.
Meat preserves more nutrients.

Just like fresh produce, any meat cooked over hot coals retains most of its moisture and nutrients. Fire-cooked meat helps retain its riboflavin and thiamine content, both of which play vital roles in a healthy diet.

You will use less oil or butter.
When frying or cooking in an oven, we use oil or butter to keep the food moist when heated. Food cooked on the grill locks in more moisture, so you’re less likely to add oil or use butter and other seasonings to cook the food. Not only does this mean that you’re cutting calories in the dish, but you’re also reducing your intake of unhealthy things in your body.

You will eat less fat.
Think about cooking a piece of fatty meat, one on the grill and one on the pan. When grilling, excess fat will drop off the great. But in the pan, the fat has nowhere to go and is eventually reabsorbed by the meat.

You can breathe fresh air.
Everyone knows that getting sunlight and fresh air has many health benefits. Spending time outside, even if it’s just in your backyard, can be good for you. The fact that you are outdoors, especially with friends or family, encourages more physical activity. Many parents throw balls or play games with their kids while working on the grill.

Next time you can’t decide what to cook for dinner, remember the 5 health benefits of grilling!