The most important thing in outdoor barbecues is safety, and attention must be paid to fire prevention. When choosing a barbecue venue, keep away from flammable materials, close to water sources, pay attention to prevent burns, and do not play in the barbecue area. Pay attention to food hygiene. Food is stored in poor outdoor conditions, so it should be eaten as soon as possible. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of outdoor fire prevention, as well as the precautions for outdoor barbecues.

Outdoor BBQ Precautions
The most important thing in outdoor barbecue is safety. There are three main aspects: fire prevention, scalding prevention, and food safety.
When choosing a barbecue site, keep away from flammable materials, close to water sources, and prepare water in a bucket container and put it next to the grill, just in case. Once there is any hidden danger, it should be extinguished with water in time. Do not choose places with many mosquitoes, and do not choose closed places such as caves and rooms for the barbecue to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

When grilling outdoors, the oven is poorly secured. So don’t frolic in the barbecue area. The grill itself is very hot and should never be touched. It is also a good preventive measure to prepare some medicines for burns.

3.Food hygiene
Food is stored in poor conditions outdoors, so it should be eaten as soon as possible. For things that have been exposed to the air for a long time, it is necessary to carefully confirm their freshness before deciding whether they are suitable for consumption.

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Fire protection knowledge in the wild
Pay attention to fire safety in daily life, and also raise awareness of fire safety when in the wild. Everyone likes to meet in groups to play, exercise, or have fun in nature during the right season or holiday. When playing outdoors, pay attention to the following:
1.Try not to start fires in the wild, especially in closed mountains and forested areas or fire-prohibited areas. Where you can have a picnic, it is best to choose a place close to a water source to start a fire. After the picnic, carefully check that the fire is completely extinguished, and water it out if there is residual heat.
2.Clean up the fire area, in some places where vegetation is prosperous and fallen leaves accumulate, these flammable objects must be cleaned up. An area of more than 10 square meters should be cleared out as a fire area. Cleaning methods include cleaning and burning back. The back-burning method is to splash water around the demarcated area with water along the circle, and then ignite and burn back against the wind in the circle, and a circular area that is safe to use fire can be burned. Fires should not be set under trees, as the branches will be smoked to death over time.
3.Do not smoke or set off firecrackers while in the wild.
4.When camping, use a torch for lighting, and should not use candles, oil lamps or firewood sticks, and straw bundles.