I’m a crazy BBQ lover and can’t wait to eat BBQ every day. I believe that most people love to eat barbecue. So to ensure your health, let me introduce the correct way to eat barbecue.

1.Pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables.

Many people eat barbecue mainly meat, roast lamb, roast beef is the most popular. Eating too much meat can lead to a strong feeling of fullness, making it difficult to eat other foods. If you want to eat a barbecue more healthily, you should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and eat some vegetables in moderation. Vegetables contain a lot of antioxidant substances, which can reduce the damage of barbecue to the body. In addition, eating fresh vegetables can also help relieve tiredness. And vegetables are rich in cellulose, which has a good cleaning effect on the intestines and can help to expel toxins from the body. Another way to eat is to wrap the barbecue with lettuce, which is not only refreshing and delicious but also greatly reduces the damage to the body.

2.Choose stewed grilled as much as possible.

Try not to use an open flame when grilling. Because once the oil drips on the charcoal fire during roasting, it will produce some harmful substances attached to the surface of the food, which will cause great harm to the body after eating. At the same time, it also emits some harmful gases, which are also harmful to the body. Therefore, try to choose stew as much as possible, the taste of the two grilled foods is not much different. Stewed roasting can also prevent the loss of nutrients in food, which is not only more nutritious but also healthier in comparison.

3.Do not eat the burnt part.

When grilling, if you are not careful, the food will be burnt. Do not eat the burnt part, you can cut off the burnt part, because the burnt part contains more harmful substances.

4.Eat BBQ in moderation.

If you eat a lot of meat at one time, it will cause indigestion. And kebabs are high in purines. Eating large amounts can increase the risk of gout attacks, which can lead to swollen and painful joints. Also, don’t drink a lot of beer. Beer can also increase the level of uric acid in the body, which can speed up the onset of gout.

5.Reduce the seasoning.

In fact, when eating barbecue, it is also flavorful to put in less seasonings, and do not eat foods with strong flavors. Put the seasoning to be enough, it’s normal. Too much seasoning can cause sore gums and mouth ulcers.

6.Do not bake too long.

When grilling, it is necessary to control the temperature of the grill, not too high, and try to keep it below 160 degrees, which will reduce the production of harmful substances. Also, be careful not to bake the food for too long, if it is grilled meat, it is enough that the meat is fully cooked. Burnt meat can affect the taste and is also bad for the body.

7.Do not drink beer when eating barbecue.

The beer is refreshing, and it is the choice of many people to drink some beer when eating barbecue. But doing so is no less than drinking poison to quench thirst. Because the alcohol in beer combined with barbecue can induce gastrointestinal tumors.