As the temperature rises, summer is slowly approaching, and the vibrant summer has begun to be filled with the aroma of charcoal grilling. BBQ is the eternal theme of summer. On weekends or holidays, if you love to travel, invite 3 to 5 friends or bring your family to start a BBQ barbecue trip in the wild, B&B, or your own backyard. There is nothing more desirable than this kind of life.But the cookie-cutter skewers are boring, so please accept the most complete list of BBQ below to make your outdoor BBQ trip a lot more fun.

For a full barbecue trip, the first thing to do is to choose a weather with blue sky, white clouds, no wind and suitable for camping and taking pictures.The weather suitable for taking pictures must be sunny, blue sky and white clouds, and no wind.


Barbecue is not a one-person thing. In the early stage of barbecue, there are a lot of preparations to be done, such as organizing and arranging the venue, debugging equipment, preparing barbecue tools, preparing ingredients, skewering, and preparing drinks. And these tasks are basically impossible tasks for one person. Therefore, we need all our BBQ partners to work together.Therefore, it is necessary to work together with fellow BBQ partners to clarify the division of labor among team members before setting off. Hand over the site layout and equipment debugging to some people; hand over the photography and videography work to others. In this way, when everyone is busy, there is a special person to hold a camera to interview and record everyone’s thoughts during the barbecue trip. The main work of preparing ingredients and prepared drinks should also be handed over to some partners. More people are more powerful, and the speed of preparing ingredients and drinks becomes faster and more effective. In this way, everyone has a clear division of labor and is busy with each other, so that this barbecue trip can be enriched and harmonious because of everyone’s input, and everyone will be full of memories when they recall it later.

3.Venue Layouts
If you want to have a full barbecue trip, eat fun, and have fun, the layout of the venue is very important. There are two issues that need to be paid attention to in the layout of the venue, one is safety, and the other is design and construction. The current management of road facilities is strict. BBQ is not allowed in parks or any public places unless it is supported by professional venues. In the past, barbecues were still allowed in parks near the suburbs of Beijing, but they have been banned since then due to fire dangers in some places. However, large parks and tourist attractions have well-managed dedicated BBQ venues. People who need BBQ, please try to choose to do it in these special places to avoid unnecessary safety problems.

Another problem is the design and construction of the venue. The venue construction needs to follow the principles of simplicity, practicality and beauty. Simplicity is to require the venue to be constructed with the simplest materials and simple layouts. Practical is to use local materials as much as possible in the construction of the venue. For example, a small handful of wildflowers on the roadside and a simple glass bottle can decorate the dining table and can also use local materials, which is very practical. Adding a red and white plaid tablecloth can immediately make the whole barbecue full of ritual. Beauty is to pay attention to the color sense of each element in the venue during the construction of the venue so that adding the photographer’s complete composition when taking pictures can give people a visual sense of beauty. The construction of the venue requires shovels, tents, tables and chairs, tablecloths, vases, tableware, cups, karaoke sound systems, decorative lights, carpets, etc. All the beautiful objects you can think of can be used in the layout of the venue .

Outdoor barbecue activities are generally group activities. In order to activate the atmosphere, activities and games are naturally indispensable. There are many types of outdoor games. Here we recommend a few:

Outdoor karaoke: There are a lot of apps about karaoke on mobile phones now. Prepare a mobile phone stand, connect headphones, plug in a stereo, and easily turn the barbecue scene into a singing show.

Who is the Undercover: In the presence of 7 people, 5 people got a word of the same, and 2 got another word associated with the left. Each wheel can say only one sentence to describe yourself get the word (can’t say the words), and not let the undercover be aware, but also to the compatriots in the dark. Each wheel description is completed, 7 people voted for suspected the man undercover, the person with the most number of votes out. If two people have the same number of votes, to be determined (that is, reserved). If the undercover stays until the last round (3 players left), that means the undercover wins, if not, the winners should be the others.

The preparation of other ingredients and barbecue equipment will not be described. I believe everyone has their own choices and likes. This article only provides some small items other than food. Hope you like it, thank you for reading!