Barbecue paper is an essential tool for barbecuing meat on paper. Its function is to prevent food from sticking to the roasting pan, and it is hygienic and beautiful, and easy to clean. Barbecue paper is made of wood pulp coated with silicone on both sides, suitable for baking, grilling, steaming, and freezing food, and is easily available in supermarkets or online. When using baking paper, place the baking paper directly on the electric oven, brush a layer of base oil, and then put the ingredients on it and bake. Baking paper and barbecue tin foil are not the same, they have some differences in their uses. Let’s learn about barbecue paper.

1.What is barbecue paper?
People who like to eat self-service barbecue or Korean barbecue will find that the meat is not grilled directly on the grill, but first lay a sheet of paper on the grill in advance, and then put the ingredients on the grill. The waiter will also remind you to change the paper halfway.


What is this paper?
Barbecue paper is not ordinary paper but is made of wood pulp coated with silicone resin on both sides. It has the characteristics of being non-stick, waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, etc. It can withstand the high temperature of 230 °C, suitable for baking, barbecuing, and steaming frozen food. The function of the barbecue paper is to avoid direct contact between the ingredients and the open flame to cause burning, and it is hygienic and beautiful. It is also more convenient to clean the baking tray after the barbecue is covered with a layer of barbecue paper.

Where can I buy barbecue paper?
Barbecue paper is generally available in large shopping malls and supermarkets, and you can directly ask the shopping guide. If you don’t want to go out, you can also buy it online. You can directly search for barbecue paper or barbecue paper on the e-commerce platform. Pay attention to buying through regular channels to avoid buying inferior products that endanger your health.

2.How to use barbecue paper?
The use of barbecue paper is very simple. Spread barbecue paper on the upper and lower layers of the electric oven, pour oil on the paper, and spread it evenly. Put meat slices or other ingredients on the paper. After being heated by electricity, the food on the paper will be roasted, and then dipped in the corresponding seasoning to eat. It should be noted that barbecue paper cannot be reused, and it should not be used for too long at a time. When black spots appear on the barbecue paper, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the baked food will not taste good and will also produce substances harmful to the human body.

3.The difference between barbecue paper and tin foil
Barbecue paper is generally white and translucent. Tinfoil is a product made of metal aluminum or aluminum alloy, and its appearance is silvery white. So is barbecue paper the same as tinfoil? There is a difference between baking paper and tin foil. Tinfoil has good heat transfer function and good sealing performance. Baking with tinfoil can keep the food in its original taste, and it can also lock the moisture of the ingredients and prevent the meat from sticking to the oven grill. The barbecue paper is generally placed under it to prevent the food from being scorched and has an anti-stick effect, but it is not as resistant to high temperature as tin foil, and it is easy to burn and needs to be replaced in time. Its function is also mainly to prevent burning, and it looks more hygienic and beautiful.