With the weather getting warmer and warmer, if it weren’t for the impact of the epidemic, many friends would choose to go out for a outing or have a picnic, especially for young people. Outdoor barbecue is inevitable, not only fashionable and happy, but also enjoy the fun of doing things ourselves. Below, the editor will share the specific production methods with everyone. Friends who like to eat barbecues or often have outdoor gatherings can show off their skills at gatherings after reading this article, and relatives and friends will praise you!

To make delicious skewers, every step is crucial. Below is a detailed introduction by the editor!

The first is to choose meat. Mutton shashlik should be lean and lean meat, or fat and lean meat, and then remove the fascia. The finished product will be soft, tender and delicious. If the fascia is not removed, it will be easy to chew, and the taste will be stiff and dead. Usually used in barbecue shops, they choose lamb hind legs. Here, the editor tells everyone that it is best to choose lamb forelegs or shoulder meat for oneself. Although the cost may be several yuan higher per kilogram of meat, the fascia is small and the taste is indeed good, which is also worth it.

Firstly, remove the white fascia from the lamb, then cut it into thumb sized pieces. Using an egg, add shredded onion, yellow wine, salt, cumin powder, chili powder, light soy sauce, and vegetable oil. Evenly use your paws and let it sit for 3 hours for a better flavor.

Mastering these two tips is a hundred times more delicious than those in a barbecue shop

Thread lamb chunks into skewers with a skewer and place them on a barbecue stove to make skewers. When the surface slightly heats up, sprinkle edible salt first. This is a lesson learned from experts and also the first step in baking the soul of skewers. First sprinkle salt, as many people have reversed the order. It is important to pay attention here. First sprinkle salt, then brush oil to taste and lock in moisture, so the taste is relatively fresh and tender.

When the charcoal is burned and there is no open fire, there are just thin layers of white ash on the outside, and the inside is still red. At this time, the fire is called a slow fire, and the skewers should be roasted slowly with slow fire. This way, we can avoid the occurrence of grilled skewers that are charred on the outside and not yet fully cooked on the inside.

Usually, my skewers are flipped every 15 seconds, and each time they are flipped, they need to be oiled. Here, I would like to share with you a little secret recipe, which is also a popular flavor in our area. It is to mix cumin powder, peanut powder, and cooked sesame powder in a ratio of 3:1:1 to form a cumin mixture, and sprinkle it on the skewer. The taste is also particularly fresh and fragrant.

There are three factors that determine the soul of barbecue. The first is the marinated meat, the second is the roasting time and method, and the third is the roasting temperature and seasoning.

Finally, friends who like spicy food can add more chili powder and make adjustments according to their own taste. If you like spicy food, add chili powder and chili powder. Finally, before serving, brush the oil again to increase the brightness and make the skewers look better. That’s it! Friends who enjoy DIY skewers can try a few more times to master!