As the old saying goes, a workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. Let’s take a look at which tools are indispensable for a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor barbecue!
BBQ grill: The most common and convenient is the portable grill, which is simple in design, small in size and easy to carry. And it is a foldable design, light and compact, easy to store.

Charcoal: Choosing good charcoal is the basis for enjoying delicious food.

(1)Mechanism charcoal: high density, high calorific value, no sparks, relatively difficult to ignite (it is recommended to use ignition wax to ignite), and the burning time is long.
(2)Log charcoal: second only to natural trees, original ecology, original flavor, smokeless, lack of resources, easy to ignite, but the burning time is slightly shorter than that of Mechanism charcoal.

Ignite wax and solid alcohol: Solid alcohol does not need to be explained. Ignition wax has a higher heat and long-lasting firepower, and it is easy to light charcoal without worry. The burning flame can drive the burning of the surrounding charcoal.

Carbon clip: Charcoal is best not to handle by hand. There is less water available outdoors, so bring a carbon clip to avoid the risk of getting dirty with black charcoal or getting burned.

Food clip: A pair of long-handled steel pliers will protect your hands from the flames. It is more convenient to use clips to hold large pieces of food, which will not damage the fibrous tissue of the ingredients, affecting the appearance and taste.

Brush: A clean oil brush helps you spread the oil evenly on the surface of the food, so the baked food can be delicious. A brush is a great tool for BBQ!

Fan: The fan is an important prop for adjusting the heat. If you don’t have a fan and are unprofessional, then use a “shared barbecue” electric fan, how cool it is!
Seasoning boxes, knives, plates, chopsticks, paper towels, paper cups, wet wipes and garbage bags, as well as hand sanitizers, are all commonly used tools, and only when you are well prepared can you have a good time.Tents and hammocks can also come in handy. After eating and drinking, you can go for a walk in the woods. Lazing in a hammock or tent and chatting with friends is also a good option.

Picnic mat: There is nothing more desirable than enjoying spring with friends while sitting on a picnic mat! A picnic mat can be used as a seat for friends, a card table, or a place to take a nap in the sun. But remember to choose a moisture-proof material!

Through the above content, have you already known some of the tools needed by BBQ? Believe me, preparing the necessary tools in advance can make your barbecue time happier!
Finally, I hope that everyone will not ignore fire safety when enjoying the happiness brought by BBQ. After all, no one wants to have BBQ in a scorched earth!Thank you for reading!