In the United States, barbecue is a form of pride. Barbecues from all over the United States have their own unique styles and sauces. Popular barbecues in the United States include Texas beef brisket, North Carolina hand grilled pork, Alabama grilled pork ribs, and white sauce smoked chicken, among others. Americans like to barbecue at home by putting many foods on the grill at once, such as pork ribs, chicken breasts, corn skewers, beef or pork, etc. Barbecue paired with cold cabbage, cabbage, and cheese can meet the taste requirements and ensure vitamin intake. Here is a detailed introduction to various specialty barbecues.

Memphis Barbecue
If you want to grill ribs, you can’t miss the Memphis style. Ribs are the most common barbecue in Memphis, which can be wet roasted (coated with tomato barbecue sauce before roasting) or dry roasted (sprinkled with a mixture of spices made of salt, pepper powder and garlic powder before roasting, and no sauce added). Tear roasted pork sandwiches, grilled spaghetti and roasted bologna sausage are also popular in Memphis

Kansas City Barbecue
Kansas City Barbecue is summarized in one word: meat. This is because Kansas City is the main meat processing center in the United States. Roast pork ribs, chicken, onions, fish, and any other meat you can think of with hickory wood, paired with strong tomato sauce and molasses sauce. If there must be a special recommendation, it is a thick and fat beef brisket cut.

St. Louis Barbecue
St. Louis is a barbecue town in the United States, most famous for its thick, sweet sauce and ribs cut in the St. Louis style.
The less popular ingredients here are pork nuggets, including rib tips, pig noses, and boneless pork chops.

Central Texas Barbecue
The barbecue in central Texas focuses on beef brisket, usually seasoned with salt and pepper (and possibly some chili peppers), and then grilled with hickory wood or wood smoke
After baking, cut into pieces in front of the customer and wrap them in paper, usually with a few sausages and white bread slices next to them. You can also choose beef ribs and shoulder meat.

Eastern Texas Barbecue
The most popular dishes in Texas are beef patties and pork patties, followed by sliced beef brisket. Beef brisket slices are usually smoked on hickory wood and then added with sauce to stir fry. Sliced beef brisket can be placed in a sandwich or served separately with potato salad. The ribs will be cooked until the bones and meat are separated, and then coated with thick sweet tomato gold. Coarse grained sausages are also a specialty Eastern Texas barbecue ingredient.

Eastern North Carolina Barbecue
In North Carolina, barbecue is all about pigs. Slowly grill with hickory wood, drizzle with spicy vinegar during the process, then shred and place on a plate or sandwich. This chopped roasted pork can also be used to make Carolina pork sauce.

Western North Carolina Barbecue
In western North Carolina, you can find Lexington style barbecue, which uses roasted pork shoulder meat. It can be sliced or chopped, and then placed on a small round bread, followed by a sauce made with apple vinegar, tomato sauce, and spices, or served with a red salad.