Barbecue is a delicacy that is popular all over the country. The only disadvantage of barbecue is that you can’t eat too much. You must know that eating barbecue itself is a carcinogenic behavior. The smoke from charcoal burning and the oily fume with low fat are all carcinogens. For the sake of health, electric grills have become everyone’s first choice. Here are some advantages of electric grills.

Features of electric grill:
First, there is no chemical emission from combustion when grilling. Of all the heat sources used for grilling, electricity is the cleanest heat source, with no chemical emissions as a heat source.

Second, there is no oily smoke when grilling. The generation of oily fume is firstly caused by oil droplets dripping on the high-temperature heat source body during a barbecue. For example, oil droplets dripping on the electric heating tube will immediately turn into oily fumes. Secondly, oily fumes also come from the frying process of food. When frying food, the oil quality will deteriorate, and oily fumes will also be produced, which will pollute food and the environment.

There are some so-called smokeless electric barbecue grills, which only eliminate the emission of combustion gas, but fail to eliminate the generation and emission of oil fume, so they are called no oil fume. But we can judge from the structure of its stove that it cannot be smoke-free.

Family making barbecue in dinner party camping at night

Summary of the functions of the electric grill:
Basic function
Non-stick coating: Non-stick coatings are generally Teflon. Because of the ultra-low friction coefficient and surface energy, it is difficult for objects to adhere to the non-stick coating, and the chemical properties are stable, and there will be no change at room temperature to 260°C. Just be careful not to rub the surface with hard objects.

Multi-level temperature control:
Multi-level temperature control is an essential function because the optimal temperature for adding different ingredients is different. Vegetables are easier to cook. Generally, the heating temperature does not need to be too high, but the heating temperature required for meat is relatively high.

Smoke-free (less smoke):
Ordinary barbecue restaurants use charcoal fire to grill, but charcoal fire will release carcinogens when burning. The electric grill pan is heated by electricity and does not require charcoal fire, so it will not produce too much smoke when grilling.

Less oil:
Not all the oil in the grill comes from automatic addition, and the fat of the meat itself will also drop onto the grill pan during grilling, forming oily smoke. Therefore, a general baking tray will be designed with a hole responsible for collecting grease. When grilling, all the grease will flow into the hole, and then put it in a container, and just pour it out when the time comes.

Precautions for using electric grill:
1.Do not invert the pan. The oval baking pan can be put upside down into the electric grill, but there are gaps, which can easily lead to incomplete heating. At the same time, the bottom of the baking pan has no depth and cannot intercept the grease, which may cause the grease to slide into the heating tube to generate oily smoke.

2.Do not add too much oil. Using a baking sheet should use a brush to brush the oil thinly on the baking sheet. Heavy oiling can cause grease to splatter and injure the skin. At the same time, a small amount of oil is also healthier.

3.Keep the wires in order when grilling. The power cord of the electric grill is generally relatively short, so it needs to be connected to the socket. If the socket is not wired properly, it could trip people up and even cause the grill to slip. Families with elderly and children should pay special attention.

4.Read the instructions carefully. The regular manufacturer’s instructions will generally mark the precautions and product usage methods. As long as you use it according to the instructions, there will be no problems.