When the weather is good and a few friends gather together, what way would you choose to relax and communicate emotions? I think many people will choose to go outdoors with friends for barbecue, which has a unique flavor. To fully enjoy the fun of barbecue, one must do a lot of homework. So what materials should be prepared for barbecue? What are the hazards of barbecue? Let’s take a look at the barbecue knowledge encyclopedia, hoping it will be helpful to you.


The Methods and Ingredients of Barbecue

Barbecue Recipe Recipe

1. Barbecued Bacon

Ingredients: 2.5KG pork, 80g garlic, 60g onion, 10g Baijiu, 15g pepper powder, and a little salt.

Production: Cut the chicken into a rectangular shape with a thickness of 7 centimeters and 2.5 centimeters, add the same proportion of seasoning, roll it into the smoke weight and pork belly, and place it on medium heat to roast for 5 to 10 minutes.

Suggestions for all novice barbecue enthusiasts

2. Roasted chicken

Ingredients: 1 chicken leg, an appropriate amount of salt and lemon juice.

Method: Bone the chicken leg and spread it flat, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt. When the charcoal fire reaches medium heat, place the chicken legs on the barbecue rack. When the chicken legs sizzle, sprinkle an appropriate amount of lemon juice and chopped French incense until both sides are cooked.


BBQ Tools

Essential tools: Outdoor barbecue stove Other tools: charcoal, alcohol, lighter, wire rack, kitchen knife, stainless steel plate, vegetable washing basin, cutting board, tap water, iron swab, oil brush, scraping tool, barbecue clip (picking raw food), barbecue shovel (flipping food), bamboo stick, toothpick, small brush, fruit knife, tin foil, newspaper, disposable chopsticks, disposable bowl, disposable plate, disposable gloves, paper cups, napkins, wet tissues Seasoning bottle (empty bottle), tablecloth, barbecue apron, garbage bag

Bonus tools: tents, hammocks, picnic mats, sunscreen, scald medicine, barbecue press plates, entertainment equipment (such as playing cards).


The Hazards of Barbecue

1. Easy to irritate the intestines and stomach

After grilling, the nature of the food tends to be hot and dry. In addition, the use of various seasonings, such as cumin, pepper, and chili peppers, are all hot ingredients, which are very spicy and stimulating. They can greatly stimulate gastrointestinal motility and the secretion of digestive fluids, potentially damaging the digestive mucosa.


2. Reduced protein utilization

During the barbecue process, a “Maillard reaction” occurs. With the release of fragrance, vitamins are destroyed, proteins undergo denaturation, and amino acids are also destroyed, seriously affecting the intake of the three. Therefore, eating barbecue can affect the utilization of the aforementioned substances.


3. Produce carcinogen

During the Maillard reaction, nucleic acids in meat, along with most amino acids, produce mutated substances during heating and decomposition, which may lead to the occurrence of cancer. In addition, during the barbecue process, some carcinogen will enter the human body through the skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract and other ways to induce disease. At the same time, the curing process before the kebabs are easy to produce nitrosamines, and women who often eat fried eggs and meat will increase the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer.


4. Susceptible to parasitic infections

Barbecue food is charred on the outside and tender on the inside, with some meat not yet fully cooked or even raw. If raw meat is not roasted yet, it is considered substandard, such as “rice pork”. Eaters may become infected with parasites, laying the risk of developing cerebral parasitic diseases.


5. Other hazards

Eating too much protein food, such as Mutton shashlik and grilled fish kebabs, will seriously affect the eyesight of teenagers and lead to myopia.