Have you heard of silicone baking mats? These are silicone impregnated fiberglass boards that can be placed on a baking tray instead of parchment or aluminum foil. But this is not all they can replace. They are not fresh. Professional bakers have been using it for many years. Nowadays, they are becoming common kitchen utensils at home. There are not many ways to use silicone oven mats. You put them on a baking tray and bake cookies, pastries, etc. on top. But why are they better than regular baking boards? Why do you use them? Compared to regular metal baking plates, using silicone baking plates has several advantages.


1. They can replace parchment or aluminum foil

When you use it to bake cookies and other baked goods on a baking tray, you don’t need any oil or glue on it. Silicone oven mats can be reused, making your kitchen more environmentally friendly. When you usually use aluminum foil lining, they are also a good substitute. They not only have magical non stick properties, but can also be used up to 2000 times. They can be placed on a framed baking tray or flat biscuit board, can withstand temperatures up to 480 ° F, or can be directly taken out of the refrigerator into the oven.

Another advantage of silicone grills compared to metal grills is that they can be used in microwaves! However, please check to ensure that your special mat is safe.


2. Easy to clean

Because nothing sticks to the silicone baking tray, it is easy to clean. Quickly clean with soap and water, without the need for scrubbing, soaking, or other cleaning hassles.

3. You need fewer cookie pads

Usually, if you want to make many batches of cookies, you will put the cookies on one baking tray and the other in the oven. You need at least two pieces of cookie paper, and if you bake a large quantity in two ovens, you need a maximum of four pieces. Using silicone baking trays, you only need one to two metal baking trays (depending on the number of ovens you want to use). Some silicone pads can be used to lay one or two sheets of cookie paper. When a batch of cookies is cooked on another mat, you only need to place the cookies on the mat. After baking, you slide them from one cushion to a new one. Of course, they occupy much less storage space and can even be rolled up for storage.


4. Less burning or browning

Silicone baking tray and parchment have the same advantages. The bottom of baked goods usually does not show browning and the likelihood of burning is also reduced. Silicone pads are particularly suitable for grilling fish on top, because when you take them out of the mat, you don’t have to worry about the fish sticking to them and tearing. In addition, if you use any type of adhesive glaze, you will prefer non adhesive surface pads.

In addition, when we do this, there will be fewer cookies scattered on the silicone pad.


5. They can also be used to knead dough

A regular silicone rubber baking tray can be used to knead dough. It is very suitable for kneading pizza, bread, and even dough. The dough will not stick to the mat (very seriously), although you still need flour to add the dough, you don’t have to worry about the dough sticking to it.