After careful preparation, it is time to find a picturesque place to enjoy the beauty of spring! But this barbecue is not a simple matter of putting food on the fire. There will always be problems such as a lack of charcoal and burnt food. If you are not experienced and skilled, you will inevitably be in a hurry. I compiled an article based on my experience and online materials to solve all barbecue technical problems!

1.The beginning of everything is difficult: how to start a fire?
First, lay a layer of charcoal on the charcoal mesh and pile it into a pyramid shape, pour in a combustion accelerant such as alcohol, and let the charcoal fully absorb it for about a minute. Light the pre-prepared strips of paper and put them in the furnace, and the charcoal starts to burn, accompanied by a small amount of black smoke. At this time, add the grilling net, and after burning for 10 to 15 minutes, the open flame gradually decreases or disappears, and white ash appears on the surface of the charcoal, indicating that the ideal grilling temperature has been reached. When the surface of the charcoal is not completely burned, do not rush to grill, as this will easily stain and blacken the food. At this time, spread the charcoal evenly with a charcoal fork, and put your hand on the grill to test the temperature. Now it’s time to start the BBQ!

2.The golden rule of grilling ingredients
Pork: It must be cooked until fully cooked before eating. The ribs, waist, and buttocks should be tender and slightly fatty so that the roasted meat will not be too dry.
Beef: You can choose beef ribs, which are tender and tough; the beef shoulder is the most suitable tender meat for roasting. Beef should not be roasted until fully cooked, which will destroy the tenderness of the meat.
Chicken: Any cut is a good material for grilling. If you soak it with lemon water and sprinkle some starch before grilling, it will make the meat more tender.
Seafood: Anything is fine, but be sure to choose fresh. Fresh seafood is dense and elastic, and the seafood taken out of the refrigerator should not be marinated for more than 30 minutes before grilling. When grilling squid rolls, brush a thin layer of egg yolk on top, the color will be more beautiful and the taste will be better. When clams and fish fillets are grilled, it is best to wrap them in tin foil, so that the skin of the fish is not easily burnt, and it is easy to store the delicious soup. Grill for about 2 to 3 minutes and the fish fillets are raised and ready to eat.

3.Direct grilling and indirect grilling
Direct grilling means placing your food directly on the fire. This method works well for small, tender, or quick-cooking foods such as shrimp, chicken breasts, burgers, fish steaks, and most vegetables. Indirect grilling is a method of cooking food in a container or wrapping it in tinfoil, in a place where the temperature is moderate and balanced. Indirect grilling works well with large, oily, or tough ingredients, such as a whole rib, a whole chicken, or onions or potatoes.

4.Precautions for barbecue grills
The grill should be placed in a flat place, and the damper should be on the upper air outlet. Be careful not to stand downwind when grilling. Before grilling food, brush the grill with oil to prevent food from sticking to the grill and make it easier to clean after grilling. Use an iron brush to remove residue from the grill at any time and keep the grill clean so that it will not affect the flavor of the food.

5.The use of salt
Salt can be used for seasoning. In addition, if there is an open fire caused by the food dripping into the charcoal, just sprinkle a little salt to solve it, don’t leave it alone, it will be burnt…

6.How to tell if the food is cooked
When roasting meat such as beef and chicken, you can judge the doneness by simply touching it with your fingers. When the touch is still very soft, it is rare; When the touch is very soft and the surface is slightly brown, it is medium rare; When the surface turns brown, it is medium; When the finger presses the surface and feels firm but elastic, it is medium well; When the meat becomes firm, it means it is fully cooked.
Grilling vegetables requires temperature and skill. Soft and watery ones can be roasted directly on the charcoal fire, such as green and red bell peppers, onions, etc. If it is a vegetable with a compact structure and high starch content, such as potatoes, eggplants, etc., it is necessary to keep away from the charcoal fire for indirect barbecue. The charcoal can be heated and moved to the sides of the oven, and the vegetables can be placed in the middle of the oven and cooked with the temperature transmitted by the distant fire.

7.Turn the food over at the right time.
As soon as food hits the grill, impatient people are always worried about scorching it and keep flipping the food. In fact, this will prolong the grilling time, destroy the protein, and cause the meat to become tough. When flipping food, the food must be heated to a certain extent so that it can be easily flipped. If part of the food sticks to the wire rack after turning it over, it means that the protein has not been fully heated, and the deadlift will only tear the protein fibers. If it is fish, it will cause peeling.

8.Rhombus grill marks
For those who have a certain barbecue foundation, the authentic diamond-shaped grill marks can make the barbecue technology icing on the cake. In fact, it is not difficult to bake diamond-shaped grill marks. First, the temperature of the charcoal fire is required to be hot enough, and then the food is placed on the grill at a 30-degree angle. When the food is fully heated, turn the food to an oblique angle of 30 degrees in the opposite direction to form diamond-shaped grill marks. Use the same steps to sear the other side of the food, and you’re done.