An outdoor barbecue is a leisurely and relaxing way of entertainment, suitable for a variety of people, especially when midsummer is over, and when the early autumn is approaching, it is a good time for autumn tours and outdoor barbecues. Many parks have outdoor barbecue bases, but outdoor barbecues are done by yourself, which is prone to problems such as undercooked, burnt, and insufficient food. And the several kinds of fast-baking and full-flavored ingredients introduced today can solve all the problems of outdoor barbecue ingredients.

1.Small steamed bread, steamed bread slices
Steamed bread is a very filling food. The steamed bread with its flour and sweetness is golden in color, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, salty and sweet, and exudes a tempting aroma after being roasted on a charcoal fire. And steamed bread is already cooked food, and they only need to be heated on the grill for a while before eating. Not only does the steamed bread not take long to bake, but they are also very delicious and filling. They are very suitable for roasting during the barbecue so that the nose is full and the stomach is empty. The steamed bread need to be turned all the time to avoid burning, and baked until the surface of the steamed buns is slightly golden and the inside is soft.

2.Sausages, ham sausages
Sausage is a quick-frozen food. Compared with other quick-frozen food, sausage is easier to bake and takes less time. To judge whether the sausage is cooked, you can see the color and shape of the sausage. The cooked sausage is ruddy and slightly curled. Ham sausage is a kind of instant food. It can be eaten immediately after opening the bag. The roasting process will make it more delicious. Even if it is not cooked, it can be eaten with confidence, which is very suitable for barbecue. Before grilling, make a few cuts on the surface of the sausage to make it more evenly heated.

3.Lotus root slices, potato slices
The lotus root slices and potato slices are full of fragrance and delicious after being baked. Baking lotus root slices and potato slices are very simple, just smear them with cooking oil, turn them over and bake them. Lotus root slices can be eaten raw, but potato slices must be cooked thoroughly. Judging whether lotus root slices and potato slices are fully cooked can be judged by their color and surface. The surface of cooked potato slices is slightly browned and relatively crisp. When baking potato slices and lotus root slices, you can brush more cooking oil to prevent the food from being burnt.

4.Meat skewers, luncheon meat
A barbecue without meat is a barbecue without a soul. The meat in the outdoor barbecue base is generally quick-frozen food, which will be soft after thawing, and it is very easy to stick to the barbed wire. At this time, large meat skewers and sliced luncheon meat are a better choice. When grilling kebabs, it is necessary to turn the bamboo sticks all the time to make them evenly heated, but the operation is troublesome. When grilling luncheon meat, it is necessary to properly brush the oil and turn it over to avoid burning and hardening. Between the two, the kebab is more delicious, but the luncheon meat is easy to operate. When kebabs and luncheon meat are properly brushed with oil, it can prevent the meat from being too old.

When grilling outdoors, meat is more popular, but vegetables are safer to eat, after all, most vegetables can be eaten raw. When choosing ingredients, you can choose more vegetables. When grilling, the tableware that holds raw food needs to be distinguished from the tableware that holds cooked food to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort caused by inadvertently eating raw food.