The weather has gradually become hot and dry, and it has officially entered summer. At the same time, people’s hearts have also become restless. At this moment, what can we express our emotions in our hearts? Undoubtedly, it’s beer and barbecue, and an outdoor barbecue can perfectly combine the two. So do you know what food and tools need to be prepared for outdoor barbecue? Next, let’s take a look at the strategies for outdoor barbecue in summer.

Barbecue Spot

  • 1. Do not barbecue in forest areas or nature reserves where fire is prohibited; If the forest administrator intervenes, don’t try to persuade him, it’s better to switch to a safer location
  • 2. Even in areas where camping and fire are allowed, it is important to choose “clean” areas that are free of flammable materials such as dry wood, straw, or fallen leaves. It is better to have a nearby water source
  • 3. You should find a flat surface open space, where the oven is not easily flipped over, and there should be enough space for people to move around.
  • 4. Observing weather changes, such as barbecues in rainy weather, finding a ventilated pavilion would be a pleasant experience.


Food Hygiene

The use of oil during the barbecue process is very important. Do not rush to apply oil to freshly roasted meat. Wait until the food is heated and tightened before applying oil. When other foods can be roasted, apply oil. Do not brush too much oil, and the standard is not to drip oil after brushing. During the baking process, try to avoid oil dripping into the grill. Be diligent in flipping during baking to prevent burning. It is best to use long chopsticks when flipping, not hands, to prevent burns. When releasing raw food, it is important to keep a little distance from quickly roasted food to prevent contamination of cooked food.

What are the precautions for outdoor barbecue in summer

Fire prevention

When choosing a barbecue venue, stay away from flammable materials. Near the water source. And prepare water in a bucket container. Put it next to the oven, just in case. Once there is a hidden danger. Timely use water to extinguish the fire. Even if there is danger, don’t be nervous. Early fires are easy to extinguish. Tension can actually escalate the situation. After the barbecue in the wilderness. Ensure that the fire source has completely extinguished before leaving the scene.


Anti scalding

When grilling outdoors, the fixed conditions of the oven are poor. So don’t play around in the barbecue area, the oven itself is very hot. Never touch. It is also necessary to have some anti scald medicine with you.

If you have children with you, you should pay attention to safety. It is a child’s nature to be active. Instead of not letting them move, it is better for them to start baking something by themselves. As long as they are greeted by the side, they may produce even better things than you. If the child is too young, it is better not to let him approach the fire to avoid burns. Do not let children touch when introducing carbon.


After barbecue

If the carbon in the furnace is not completely burned, it must be extinguished for next use or poured into the garbage bin. If the trash can cannot be found, it is best to bury it and not discard it casually. Don’t forget to clean the venue and maintain environmental hygiene after the barbecue. If a bonfire is lit, it should be buried, stepped on firmly, and restored to its original state.

Please organize the garbage generated during the activity and take it away or dispose of it at the designated location. Especially charcoal and plastic bags, it is difficult to decompose. Be careful to protect various green plants and water sources during the barbecue process. Do not repeatedly fiddle with the charcoal in the furnace, as it can disrupt the naturally formed air circulation and heat transmission channels, leading to flameout.