Barbecue is a good method of cooked food that humans fall in love with. Although human history has undergone millions of years of development, people still love barbecue food. So far, people all over the world have the custom of eating barbecue. Nowadays, more and more people gather with friends on weekends to have a barbecue outdoors. But what clothes should we wear to barbecue? What’s the point of dressing for barbecue? Here is an introduction for you. Come and have a look!

Be particular about what clothes to wear for barbecue

Avoid flammable clothes

When barbecue, sparks are flying all over the place. Don’t choose clothes made of flammable materials, such as nylon, chemical fiber and other materials. If you burn it a small hole, your beautiful clothes will be discarded.

Wear clothes that are difficult to wash

For clothes that can only be washed by hand, even can’t be washed, you’d better put it stay in the wardrobe. You should be prepared for food or sauce falling on the clothes. If you think washing that clothes with detergent will do great damage to the clothes, you should not wear it out. It is better to choose dark clothes that are not easy to see when they are dirty.

Wear low waist pants, low cut dress or miniskirt

Can you imagine the action of barbecue? Don’t play sexy at this time if you don’t want to indecent¬†exposure.

Wear clothes with too many decorations

The folds are beautiful, the layers are also beautiful, and all kinds of decorative flowers and large necklaces are beautiful. However, these increase the surface area of the clothes, which also increases the possibility of dust adhesion. It is difficult to tidy up when you go back.

Avoid clothes that are easy to smell

When you barbecue, you will feel the smell of barbecue is very delicious. But when you come home and take a bath, and find that the clothes you wear today still have a strong smell of barbecue, will you still feel fragrant? Never choose clothes that are easy to smell. Like velvet, it is difficult to remove the smell.

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