What are the skills of outdoor barbecue? How do barbecue outdoors? Outdoor barbecue, although the convenience of modern life in terms of water source and food can be fully displayed, but it still takes a lot of thought to make a fire. Here are some tips on how to grill outdoors!

Outdoor barbecue skills 1: choose charcoal.
Since the special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of grilled food when the charcoal is at a high temperature, choosing good charcoal is the basis for enjoying delicious food. The choice of charcoal fire is an important thing if you are going to make your barbecue at home. When choosing charcoal, you must not try to be cheap. Some inferior charcoal fires are not enough, or even do not burn at all. Others will emit a lot of smoke after burning and contaminate the food. Good quality charcoal is generally neater and heavier. Such charcoal burns for a long time and the fire is good. When the charcoal is burned to a transparent red heat, it is flattened and grilled. When the surface of the charcoal is not fully burned, do not rush to grill it, which will easily stain and blacken the food.

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Outdoor BBQ Skill 2: Make a Fire.
First, spread a layer of charcoal on the charcoal mesh and pile it into a pyramid shape, pour in alcohol and other combustion accelerants and let the charcoal fully absorb it for about one minute. If flammable charcoal is selected, there is no need to add any combustion accelerant. Light the pre-prepared strips of paper into the oven and the charcoal starts to burn. If you are afraid of cleaning trouble, you can put a piece of aluminum foil under the charcoal, but the burning will be affected to a certain extent. At this point, the charcoal started to burn, accompanied by a small amount of black smoke. At this point, the charcoal started to burn, accompanied by a small amount of black smoke. At this time, add the grilling net, and after burning for 10 to 15 minutes, the open flame gradually decreases or disappears, and white ash appears on the surface of the charcoal, indicating that the ideal grilling temperature has been reached. At this time, spread the charcoal evenly with a charcoal fork, and put your hand on the grill to test the temperature. When your hands feel hot, you can start grilling.

Outdoor barbecue skills 3: the method of barbecue.
There are many ways to process food, such as burning, stewing, baking, frying, etc. Among them, “burning” belongs to open fire barbecue, also known as direct barbecue; while others are called indirect barbecue. Therefore, grilling also requires certain skills.

Outdoor barbecue skills 4: barbecue skills
As soon as the food is on the grill, anxious people are always worried that they will burn and keep flipping the ingredients. In fact, this not only prolongs the barbecue time but also destroys the protein and causes the meat to become tough. When flipping food, the food must be heated to a certain extent so that it can be easily flipped. If part of the food sticks to the wire rack after turning it over, it means that the protein has not been heated, and the deadlift will only tear the protein fibers. If it is fish, it will cause peeling.
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