Lots of people like parties. If you want your parties to be fun and delicious. Outdoor barbecue is definitely the best choice. That kind of atmosphere is really great. But how much do you know about the safety precautions for barbecue?

Barbecue site

1. Do not barbecue in forest areas or nature reserves where fire is prohibited; If the forest keeper intervenes, don’t try to persuade him. It’s better to change to a safer place.

2 even in areas where camping and fire are allowed, choose “clean” areas where there are no flammable materials around, such as dry firewood, straw and fallen leaves. It is better to have water nearby.

3. We should find an open space with flat surface, the oven is not easy to turn over, and people need enough activity space.

4 pay attention to the weather changes. If you barbecue in cloudy and rainy weather, it will be very pleasant to find a ventilated Pavilion.

Food hygiene

Pay attention to food hygiene. Do not eat food that is not baked. The temperature of cooked food is very high. Be careful to scald your mouth when eating. Do not eat burnt food, especially meat, which is harmful to human body. When adding carbon, pay attention to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned before barbecue, because carbon is easy to produce harmful gases when it is not completely burned, which is not conducive to health. In the outdoor barbecue, the food is eaten before it is fully roasted, which is prone to food safety problems. The food is poorly preserved outdoors, so it should be eaten as soon as possible. For food exposed to the air for a long time, carefully confirm its freshness. Then decide whether it is suitable for consumption.

Fire prevention

Keep away from combustibles when choosing a barbecue site. Close to the water source. And prepare water in bucket container. Put it by the oven just in case. Once there is a hidden danger. Put out the fire with water in time. Don’t be nervous even if there is a risk. The initial fire is easy to put out. Tension can escalate the situation. After the barbecue. Make sure that the fire source has been completely extinguished before leaving the site.

Anti scald

In outdoor barbecue, the fixed condition of the oven is poor. So don’t play in the barbecue area. The oven is very hot. Never touch it. It is also necessary to take some anti scald drugs with you.

If you have a child, you should pay attention to safety. Instead of letting him play, you’d better let him bake something by himself. As long as you take good care of him, maybe the child’s baked things are better than you. If the child is too young, keep him away from the fire to avoid scalding.

After barbecue

If the carbon in the furnace is not burned out, be sure to put it off and save it for next use, or pour it into the dustbin. If you can’t find the dustbin, you’d better bury it and don’t throw it away. Don’t forget to clean the site after barbecue and keep the environment clean. If you light a campfire, bury it and restore it to its original appearance.

Please tidy up the garbage generated during the activity, take it away or throw it to the designated place. Charcoal and plastic bags, in particular, are difficult to decompose. Be careful to protect all kinds of green plants and water sources during barbecue.