Barbecue is a kind of leisure outdoor dinner activity that more and more people like. In spring, you might invite friends to barbecue in your own garden or in the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains. It is definitely a great event for outdoor parties. Let’s share BBQ’s barbecue tips.


1.Which places are suitable for outdoor barbecue?

Not all fields are suitable for barbecue. It is best to choose a place with good scenery and convenient transportation. Special attention shall be paid to safety and fire prevention when selecting the site. There shall be no shrubs or too many trees around the barbecue site. Generally speaking, spring and autumn are suitable for barbecue

2.What ingredients should be selected for BBQ dinner?

The choice of food can be based on their tastes and preferences. Generally speaking, the food suitable for barbecue include meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, melons and fruits, pasta, bean etc. These can be made into various strings, such as mutton string, sheep waist string, beef string, chicken wing string, chicken willow string, chicken gizzard string, etc.

3.What barbecue foods are suitable for people who don’t like greasy food?

Vegetables, melons and fruits are the best food to adjust the barbecue taste, which can make people not feel too greasy. The most popular of these foods are potatoes and corn. Sweet potato, yam, taro and green vegetables are also good choices. Garlic is especially recommended. It tastes unique when roasted and has bactericidal effect. It is very suitable for outdoor consumption.

Bread slices, small baked cakes, cooked buns, dried beancurd, etc. These are all favorite foods. Baked pasta also has the function of nourishing the stomach. It is very suitable for friends with stomach problems.

4. I like barbecue very much, but I am afraid of being fat. What should I do?

In fact, choosing barbecue to to eat doesn’t directly lead to weight increased – as long as you don’t add butter to the corn cob, you never have to worry about eating too much. After the barbecue, the choice of seasoning is also very particular. In fact, compared with thick sauce, some cumin powder and a little pepper powder are enough to make the meat kebab full of flavor. If you must use dip sauce, chili sauce is better.

5.What should first-time barbecues pay attention to?

  •  pay attention to food hygiene. Do not eat food that is not baked. The temperature of cooked food is very high. Be careful to scald your mouth when eating. Do not eat burnt food, especially meat, which is harmful to human health.
  • when adding carbon, pay attention to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned before barbecue, because carbon is easy to produce harmful gas when it is not fully burned, which is not conducive to health.
  •  the use of oil in the barbecue process is very important. Do not rush to brush the freshly roasted meat until the food is heated and tightened. Brush oil when other foods can be baked. Don’t brush too much oil. Take no oil dripping after brushing as the standard. Try to avoid oil dripping into the barbecue oven during the baking process.
  • be diligent in turning when baking to prevent burning. It is best to use long chopsticks when turning, not hands, to prevent scalding. When releasing raw food, pay attention to a certain distance from the fast roasted food to prevent contamination of cooked food.