Others think that barbecue is just a simple matter of flipping the meat a few times, and then casually applying some sauce to complete the task. In fact, the food made by people who truly understand barbecue is different from ours, and the taste of grilled food is also different.

Different ingredients, different baking methods

(1) Barbecue slices: Thin slices of meat that take about 3 minutes to cook. It should not be roasted for too long, otherwise the meat will become hard or burnt, making it less delicious. Pork must be cooked until fully cooked before consumption, and beef should not be roasted until fully cooked, otherwise it will damage the freshness of the meat

(2) Seafood and fish: When grilling clams and fish fillets, it is best to wrap them in tin foil, as it is not suitable to scorch the fish skin and can easily store delicious soup. Barbecue for about 2-3 minutes, fish fillets are raised and ready to eat.

(3) Sweet and spicy, hot dogs, sausages: Try to use low heat. Except for vegetables, it is best to place them in a tin foil box and grill them in a smoldering manner. The higher the heat, the better.


The use of charcoal

The best choice for fuel is still charcoal, try not to use chemical charcoal. The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of charcoal grilled food at high temperatures, so choosing good charcoal is the foundation for enjoying delicious food. Good quality charcoal fires generally burn for a long time and have a good fire intensity. It is best to choose the branch part of the charcoal instead of using a whole piece, otherwise it should not be ignited. When igniting, add 5 seeds at a time, based on a pack of 5 seeds. When the charcoal is cooked until it is transparent and red hot, it should be spread out and baked. When the surface of the charcoal is not yet fully burned, do not rush to bake it, as it can easily stain and blacken the food

Cleaning the grill

Before grilling food, brush the grill with a layer of oil to prevent food from sticking to it. Use an iron brush to remove any residue on the grill at any time and keep it clean so as not to affect the flavor of the food.

Timely flipping

The food above the grill, constantly flipping back and forth, not only prolongs the roasting time, but also damages the protein, causing the meat to become hard. When grilling food, the food must be heated to a certain extent to be easily flipped. If some food adheres to the mesh frame after flipping, it indicates that the protein has not yet been fully heated, and hard pulling only tears the protein fibers. If it is a fish, it will form peeling phenomenon

Replenish moisture

During the barbecue process, the longer the time, the greater the loss of water and oil, and the drier the taste. Therefore, some barbecue sauce should be brushed on the food during the barbecue to keep the food moist, but be careful not to brush too much at one time, which will cause the food to be too salty.

The use of salt

Salt can be used for seasoning. In addition, during the barbecue process, many fatty foods will drip oil after heating. These drops of oil will generate a high flame when burned by charcoal fire. At this time, just sprinkle some salt on the fire to solve the problem.

Diamond shaped baking mark

The authentic wilted baking marks can definitely add to the grilling technique. It is not difficult to make diamond shaped baking marks. Firstly, the charcoal fire temperature should be hot enough, and then the food should be placed on the grill at a 30 degree angle. When the food is fully held, it can be turned in the opposite direction by 30 degrees to form diamond shaped baking marks.

Different materials result in different curing times

The materials used for barbecue vary, and the duration of pickling varies. Some are marinated before roasting, while others are seasoned while roasting.

If high-quality beef is used for barbecue, there is no need to marinate it beforehand, which can highlight the sweetness of the meat and prevent nutrient loss. For example, Japanese premium snowflake beef. If the meat is of average quality, it is easier to taste after being marinated beforehand. Nowadays, it is popular to eat Korean barbecue. After cutting the meat, it is marinated with materials such as salad oil, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate, chili powder, cumin, ginger powder, etc. Remember not to put soy sauce, it will affect the taste of the meat